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i see a photo shoot in my future

@ The Editors Desk.

Late friday night i had a meltdown of epic proportions “in my own words” and it was probably more a build up of the past few months catching up with me”. much in part due to Angel’s bullying yesterday at School, now all of this played out on private message to my husband outlining what i feel is wrong with me and my life, various issues that pop up every couple of months, {i have started to call it the roller coaster} grief and loss and missing my parents, my wish to move house, the amount of clutter in our home and the fact i am overwhelmed with everything. I was also slightly annoyed because of the upset with the Bullying i was going to have a “drink” to calm me down and didn’t because the person that said that they where coming to pick something up never arrived.

He arrived home from working away with a couple of books for me that i had asked him to get.

Baking Day by The Australian Women’s Weekly. more about this for mondays Book of the Week.
Dream new Dreams – Reimagining My Life After Loss by Jai Pausch.

Now to fix this my “Dear Husband” thought that it maybe a great idea to take me out for the day to the beach, with a stop at Ikea & Typo. {doesn’t help with the clutter problem!!!}. What i wanted to spend the day doing was sorting the house out as we should be having a rental inspection in the middle of June. The couch has become a “Catch-All” for all of my scarves and handbags. So back to what i was saying, he wanted to cheer me up, my thinking is it was to soften the blow that he wanted to spend Sunday out detecting.

By the time we arrived in the city it was late afternoon, got into Ikea, and really had no inkling of what i wanted. A first for me really. Nothing was grabbing my attention. Ended up buying A cork board, A meter of Fabric, 2 plastic photo frames & a little jug. left Ikea, and went off to find a Typo store, and it was the same as in Ikea, i had no idea what i was looking for, despite the fact that for ages i have been saying to Jack that i wanted to go to both stores, and then stupid me realised after being in both stores that i had vouchers on my email account that i could have printed out and used. DUH!!!! So in typo i got a Tea Pot for one, and a daily planner… “Do i get a WOOT from you to say how utterly boring that sounds”, also brought Angel a notebook, and two pens from there.

Then we drove to the Beach and took a couple of Sunset photos. Now considering that Jack’s main aim was to get me out of the house, and so i could take some photos for this here blog, i didn’t actually take that many, which is really not like me at all.

I did however Spend much of the day scoffing face with junk food, as we went to Mcdonalds in north am for lunch, KFC, then back to McDonalds on the way home.

So that was our day to the city.

Until next issue, Nicole

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