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A bit of a rant about blogging….

When did blogging become about making money?

When did it become all about giveaways and the like?

Where has the passion to just blog gone?

Why do you need a manager???

Why do you need to advertise? (Surely you don’t think everyone can afford what you’re trying to “sell”). Just because you recommend it, it doesn’t necessarily mean i am going to go out and buy it.

Which leads me too


I blog for me…

I have never blogged for you the neighbour or the person on the other side of the world

I have blogged for me

It’s my online diary that i express my feelings.

My daily life, Hence the blogs title.

I have dabbled in trying to get readers and i have at this point given up..

I am not funny

I can’t write world life stores

BUT…. I can write MY STORY.

My daily life as a country housewife (I prefer the term “Home Executive”).

If you Dear Reader find my blog boring well then so be it, you came here of your own accord.

I don’t seek people out

I have a couple of blog groups on Facebook where we share our blog posts.

My blog is far from hidden.

My family know about it, Even my late mother did.

If they come to read it they read it.

As for this new “Remarkables group” i don’t know all that much about it.

Apart from the fact that i do read a couple of the blogs that are part of the group..

From what i can gather they have gotten together to “employ” a manager to source goods and services to advertise/give away on there bloggers behalf.

It has been targeted at “Mummy Bloggers” at this stage. But what i have found is these wonderful bloggers tend not to write about that they write about everything but that.

Blogging shouldn’t be about getting votes and trying to be the best blog so you can win a car, it shouldn’t be about going to conferences, it should be about your passion whatever that maybe.

If they are able to make some money out of it then good on them.

Just don’t lose the why you started blogging in the process.

Rant 2:

Blogging Platforms:

Now onto my second rant…

I was sitting reading good old Facebook last night and up popped on my feed one from Typepad, in regards to using CSS to make your blog better or sum such thing..

You’d be surprised the difference a set of CSS tweaks can make to your blog’s design. Check out the before and after screenshots for All About Requirements on this post: {Typepad / Facebook}

Now I have tried blogging on Blogger, WordPress, Typepqad, Squarespace, now i am back at wordpress.

BUT… it has for me never been about the blogging platform, it has been the frustration of the blog companies and Their inability to listen to what we the customer wants from our blog. I don’t want to sit there trying to work out for hours on end how to do CSS code, i want to just blog. I usually blog via email as i find it the easiest and if i happen to lose the post in the process the email is still in my sent items box. Especially when i am paying money for a blog that i am not getting what i want out of it.

In a strange bizarre move a few weeks back i thought i would check out wordpress again. In frustration many times at the fact that i couldn’t find the right “Look & Feel” for my blog that i wanted. a Diary of sorts that i wouldn’t have to fiddle and fuss with constantly to get it right so i could just Write…

I tried many of the free ones and finally brought the “Just Desserts” theme for WordPress, then few days later they released the “The Simple Theme”, and thats it i was sold, hook line and sinker on it. It has been what i have been looking for all of this time. It fits my needs and what my blog is about. it works for me. There hasn’t been the ever ending search to get it right, it apart from the colouring which i am still not entirely sure with i am happy with it. i would probably make the post title font smaller so it fits better, but i like the style of it.

Ok enough from me for now…. Your turn to talk.

What are your blogging peeves and frustrations????


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