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Dear Mum,


Dear Mum,


Throughout the years you’ve always been there,

a reminder of a mothers love for her children,

and all of those around her. 


This Mothers Day it will be so much different.

I wish i could tell you how much you mean to me,

but sadly thats not to be.


In previous years i would have I bought the card,

and a gift that made you smile. 

When I reflect on the years gone by you are in my thoughts.

When i flick through old photo albums,

There you are smiling back at me. 


My earliest memories as a small child,

no matter what I was doing,

always in the background,

there you where. 


As the years passed by and life “happened” you just being in it

made it all the more special. 


I’ve come to realise,

it’s not what’s said,

but more importantly

it’s what isn’t said that counts. 


I will miss your laughter,

your smile,

and the way you lived and loved life so passionately. 


The way you kept the leaves of the family tree raked up and together,

now it is so much different

those leaves are scattered

and many are broken

and flying in the wind. 


Your love for your children though

is the gentle breeze that floats by,

The buttereflys that fill our garden

almost every day. 


I wish i could tell you in person

how much even now your gone,

that you mean the world to me,

how much of a whole

is now left on our lives

and hearts

now your no longer with us. 



i ❤ you

with all of my

heart and soul. 


Happy Mothers Day xxx



Graphic via Facebook… 

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