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A day in the life of Nicole Beltane


@ The Editors Desk

I thought i would try something different since its 10/10 photo day; So here it goes a Day in the Life of Me…..

7am – 8am

The average day in my life usually starts with the alarm going off at 7am and me trying to resist the urge to go back to sleep or get up to the pull of the coffee machine that keeps me going for the rest of the day, it takes a fair bit of coffee to keep this old girl happy i can assure you. Some mornings Jack is home to help me with the before school drama’s like this morning. Because you see i need all of this coffee to stop me from going insane, and it numbs the pain from hearing my own voice repeat the same things over and over and over to Angel.

Angel get up…
Angel have a shower and two minutes later angel get out of the shower. But really it has felt like 10. Angel are you dressed yet,
do your hair,
stop watching TV
and get your lunch organised,
do your bloody hair will you,
leave the cats alone,
feed them if they are meowing at you.
are you ready for school yet,
where are your socks,
how many times do i need to tell you to do your hair.
are your shoes on yet
NO!!! its not time to go..

Then she leaves and i breath a sigh of relief…… until 3pm when she arrives home and we do the evening Mantra….


She goes to school around 8.20am. i sit and Watch Sunrise and catch up on all of the latest on Facebook & Email thats happened overnight, never know it could be something interesting. either continue drinking said coffee or make another one.


Today was a little out of the ordinary however as we Went to the school to see the assembly, Angel was a “hilly billy” {her words}, She and her class sang and did a routine, and she also got to address the end of the assembly.


I didn’t do much in this hour, and didn’t take a photo.


Came home and Jack wanted to go detecting, so for a change i said i would go with him. I needed the break from the four walls of boredom.. Had a look at the Colgar Windfarm not far from home.


Have just had a burger from the local road house / grain museum (There are museums for everything out in the country).

Sitting at a place called Emu Hill just out of Narranbeem, i however wouldn’t by any stretch call it a hill, more like a rise or a slight bump in the road, it was once a thriving town of a few thousand people with no pub, the pub was put a few km’s away in what is now known as Narrembeem.


So now here i sit in the car writing this little blog post.

Can i get a
out of all of you,
jack just found
an old horse shoe..
the excitement oh
it just oozes from my pores.

What’s the song from the movie Michael
Sitting on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere
don’t know where I’m going and i don’t know how to get there {will need to look this up.}

Sitting by the side of the road – Andi Mcdowell

Here we sit just off of the roadside next to where we have just been, we are now in the rest of the Emu Hill Nature Reserve. 2seconds later jacks doing a happy dance he found a 1910 sixpence. off the side of the road where we have stopped. And yes he did just dance…


A quick drive around Narrenbeem and then the drive home.


It’s now 3.30 and we have been home a little over 1/2 an hour, Angels home from school. Checked emails / fb, had a nice cold drink, Have realised that i am running out of Mint & Ginger Tea, so will need to send jack off to the shops to get some more today or tomorrow. Chatted on FB to my sister about the pros-cons to buying a steam cleaner. Thinking of getting one to get rid of some of the dirt and crap that we can’t get out of the kitchen floor.

This is currently sitting in the hallway waiting to find a home.

Started organising dinner.


As an extra here is a little recipe for you.

One pot Spag Bol.

i found this in our local IGA a few weeks back


  • 500gms Mince
  • 1 onion (i also added a whole clove of grated garlic)
  • 1 can tin tomatoes (i used a can a of whole tomatoes)
  • 1 packet of Just one pan Spaghetti Bolognese sauce
  • 140g tub tomato paste (i didn’t have any tomato paste but did have a packet of pizza tomato paste so i used that). 250g spaghetti snapped in half

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. The mince was frozen so that took the longest, I used my big red casserole dish, but i would like to try this again in the new slow cooker.
  2. Added the garlic and then the onion let that cook off for a few minutes
  3. I then added the Tomatoes and the sauces. let that simmer for a little while.
  4. Then added the Spaghetti halves, and thee cups of water (would probably add a little less as i found this was a too much).
  5. Let simmer for 20-25 minutes on a low heat. i then put the lid on for another 5 or so minutes at the end.
  6. Served with cheese on top. Made enough for 4 people. but that was large amounts so at a stretch could be six if they are smaller amounts.


Dinner time. An early one tonight as jack has to go to work at 8pm.

Dinner was lovely. I think i did well.


It’s just after 6pm, and i have been working on this post most of the day. Dinner has been had, and we are all sitting on the various parts of the lounge with our laptops/netbook. A full on day so far, and its not over yet.

Usually watch the news, Today tonight (because i am too slack to turn the tv over, even when the remote is right next to me), Home and away, and then what ever is on that night, tonight its Better Homes and Gardens. greys and desperate.

I have just had a look at the photos and i too over 90 and thats not including whats on the iPhone.

Until next issue, Nicole

Click click snap snap

FMS: a favourite word {a word that you love to say, write or read}

cy365: an attitude

See above for the 10/10 photos for the day.

This is by far from an average day in the life of little old me, as i said above i rarely leave the house, so to actually have gone out and seen things is very unusual.

From the Pen

* Kikki K Journalling Prompt: What is your favourite story or picture of your Mum as a child? I adore this photo of mum.

* Q&A: How did you start your day? See the above editors post.

* Quote of the day:

Via Facebook.

* Seven Cherubs Happy Days in May: Spent the day out with jack, was a chance for us to just chill and spend some time together.

Phew what a mammoth Blog Post today, thanks if you have gotten this far and read to the end…

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