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It’s Saturday, Apr 14 – How did your day go?

I was awake at 2am writing a post on blogging, and how much should one share on there blog. I couldn't get out of my head what i had read on FB and on other blogs earlier last night. I have the post sitting in my drafts folder… i am still unsure on weather to publish it or not.. 

Jack went off detecting in the early hours of this morning, he asked me to go, but i just didn't have the desire to sit out in the middle of nowhere in the car in the heat bored to death, i chose to do nothing at home with the air con and the country music channel on instead. Although i would dearly love to go out somewhere and take some photos. But somewhere pretty full of flowers & blue water. 

Angel is driving me to distraction, i am surprised i haven't 1. pulled my hair out 2. that it hasn't fallen out. It annoys me that Jack can go away and that he gets time out but i can't… i am in desperate need of time out to just be… to just relax… to just sit and have a quiet coffee… a bath without being interupted… i cant even write a blog post in the quiet!! 

14th April 2012

Photos today:

Fat Mum Slim – How you feel today. – 

Capture Your 365 – Crop. 

#typocapture challenge – What inspires you. Taking Photos. 

Hipstamatic – Sunset. 

Write Today:

kikki.K – Find a photo that you love of anything at all. Stick this in for today's journal entry. the photo will be Fat Mum Slim – How you feel today. – 

Q&A A Day – if you could aquire a talent (without any extra effort), what would it be? i would like to know how to knit.


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