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39|366 / 8th Feb 2012 :::::Changes are afoot:::::

308227_10150317198074239_141439374238_7757081_1406395278_nAs found on Facebook.


After the feedback that i received i am re-eveluating the lists, and the way i write my blog. As i said in the post below, i write mainly to keep track of what my little family of three have been up too. I know to most if not all people its not all that interesting, and i have to agree with you it isn't… So now i am going to attempt to change a few things if not all of them. 

Technology doesn't like me today thats for sure. iinet playing up still all the webpages are sluggish. If they come up at all. Last night we tried to put an order in for catch of the day and it kept timing out. same happened again this morning, so we missed out on what we wanted to get. Facebook is not showing all of the posts, and photos have changed yet again.. i tried early this morning to put three magazines on the iPad, and they have been trying to load all day, now my iPad has completely crashed..

Date: 8th Feb 2012 | Day 39


Document your every day in Photos

Photo a day : Sun


In the very rare moments that the sun came out today i managed to get a quick snap shot.

Capture your 365 : With a slow shutter speed. 

From the Camera:

Document your everyday in Writing

One little word – Write : 
    Sat down this morning and went though some emails, wrote little notes down. 

Kikki k journalling prompt. 
    Write down all the parts of your body you love? Hahaha this is a hard one, there isn't really anything i do like, which is part of the reason for the massive changes in lifestyle this year. 

Gratitude Journal : 
    I am grateful for: Such an amazing husband who still after all this time can mange to make me smile. 

Q&A A Day : 
    Are you in love? Very much so, and missing my man like crazy. 

Lifestyle Changes

Wii work out : 

Weight : 
    Down 80.7Kgs… 
    Woot getting there ever so slowly. 

Other : 

De-cluttering : 
    Cleaned out fridge 
    Cleaned desk, but messed it up again. 

Menu Plan: 
    San Choy Bow
    Verdict: I thought it was a little bit dry, but Angel loved it and asked for seconds. 


The weather: 

On my reading pile:
    The Spider Goddess {Yes still, the spider thing freaked me out when i started reading it LOL}. We went to the library the other day and i borrowed: Love Letters of Great Men, Love Letters of Great Women, Home Love

On my TV:
    A TV movie about the guy that got out of jail today, i have seen his story on the crime channel. was interesting to see who was in the cast as it was a who's who of Australian TV. Loving that My Kitchen Rules is back. 

On my to do list:
    Wading through over 800+ emails and taking notes of what i need to respond too. 

What I am Creating:
    Mostly a mess, but i have been working on my 365 KK diary.

Looking around the house:
    I notice how much i miss my husband when he goes away. 

Something fun to share:


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