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3|366 :::::Clearing the clutter, one bin at a time:::::

Date: -3rd/Jan/2012


  • Photo a day : Something you adore – Bird (see photo below)
  • Capture your 365 : A fresh Perspective
  • Document your everyday :

Lifestyle Changes

  • Wii work out : 44 minutes
  • Weight : 81:6Kgs
  • Other :
  • De-cluttering : Project getting the house de-cluttered has been in full swing today, Filled up two large bins full with rubbish and clothes that have holes in them. have hung two white tops and 3 formal dresses back in the wardrobe, rest i have either put in a basket for donation, binned, or put on the laundry to be washed. was pretty ruthless as i put new clothes in the donate pile that don't fit or that i am wondering why i brought it. Bedroom still has a ways to go, its evident that i require storage, the floor cupboard just isn't cutting it so looking into that. Next up has been the kitchen cupboards, donating various odds and ends that we just don't use, single cups that i have no idea why i have kept. All the baking stuff and oven is finally together. saucepans and a few other things need sorting, but the way sits going i am going to have about 6 empty cupboards. 
  • One little word –
  • Write : Gratitude Journal : I am grateful for: Getting the house someone cleared of some of the clutter
  • Q&A A Day :Done 
  • Menu Plan: Tuesday : Chicken Treat. This week has been bad, Subway, then pizza and now chicken treat.. 
  • 52 weeks of cooking two recipes out of every cookbook i own.i havent decided what book to start with yet.

Below is taken from ????

i had the group details up and now i cant locate them, if its your group or the below seems familiar can you please let me know so i can give credit where its due. 

  • The weather::: A warm 32
  • On my reading pile::: The Blood Countess
  • On my TV::: The usual recordings on Foxtel. 
  • On my to do list::: Decluttering /See above. 
  • What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating::: nothing yet.
  • Looking around the house::: i see so much mess and so much clutter.
  • Something fun to share::: (maybe you saw something on Pinterest you would like to share with others, maybe there's a place you want to go visit, or a restaurant you want to try out or a certain item you have been wanting to buy): Found a few pins but nothing that stood out.

From the camera:::

  • IMG_0580


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