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One Little Word 2012

381635_312876245412998_139805952720029_1111558_1245160390_nThe Organised Housewife / Facebook

In 2012 my ONE Little WORD is:  WRITE

Write more of My Life Story

Write in my Q&A a day. 

Write about our day to day life in the HOB

Write about my weight loss. 

Write letters, cards, poems. 

Write about LoVe, Loss, Life and everything in between. Its my story to be told and 2012 is the year for me to tell it. 


In 2011 my ONE little WORD was {Capture

 Why {Capture} I love to take photos as you have no doubt gathered from reading my blog so that’s the main part of the word. but This word also represents  {Moments}  {Memories}  {Ideas}  {Goals}  {Wishes} & {dreams} that i want to capture in photos and words. of the 365 days i managed to only miss 56 of them throughout the year.


In 2010 My ONE little WORD was NEW. 

We moved to a NEW town. DD started a NEW school. We have this year gotten two NEW (to us) Cars. and many other NEW things & places.


In 2009 my ONE Little WORD was CREATE.

I was very much into scrapbooking at the time, and wanted to CREATE all that i could. 


。☆ 。☆。☆
Happy New Year!
… 。☆。 。☆。
. ☆。 ★。 ☆

Enjoy your new year's celebrations tonight and here's to a fantastic 2012 to you all xx


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