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It’s Sunday, Dec 11 – How did your day go?

MrB came home at 6am and then went out detecting he got back just after 9am, off we went to the Market Day in Town. There is a new Community Recource Centre here in town and they have started to impliment little things, one of them is a market day and todays was the first one. Hopefully they will have a regular market here in town now. I think i did really well. 

  1. Well Bargain of the century a RRP $90.00 Wire Silver Reindeer for 12.00, 
  2. a hurricane Vase with candle and pebbles for 3.00, 
  3. a white candle holder and three candles 3.00, 
  4. a babushka set of little santas 2.00, 
  5. and a three dish with bowl chilli nacho set for 10.00. 


 I ran out of coffee capsules this morning, the idea of using the Seaco again went down the drain when we turned it on to find that it didnt want to work anymore. So this afternoon Another coffee machine made its way into the HOB while i await capsules for the Lavazza, so thats now 5 machines that live here. this is just an emergency machine, and if jack goes away again he can take it away with him. ideally i would have liked the Cuisinart one i found but i had to settle for BREVILLE.

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