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It’s Monday, Sep 12 – How did your day go?

Took these lovely photos of the flowers in our front and back gardens that have come out. Will however have to get a bunch or two of flowers for the rent inspection next week.

Click on link for more:



An epic painting afternoon.. if it stood still long enough it was painted. a 3 pce cafe setting, 2 fold up wooden chairs, a blackboard make over for the laundry, a small bookcase, a sundial, tins tins and oh yes more tins, housekeepers box x2, laundry powder tin, a wooden knife and fork drawer thats going to get a new lease of life, a knife block, a tray, 2 frames, a round basket, a square basket, a bowl.
IMG_3925More on this blackboard and the frames shortly

IMG_3926more flowers

Now the hard part trying to work out where to put things as where i was going to put them doesn't quite work.. The 3pce cafe setting i am not sure wether to put it back out the front or in the kitchen. means moving the large dining table into the games room. Fold up chairs will put on the back or front porch, blackboard makeover turned out so well. really pleased with that. small bookcase is currently in the laundry but not everything fits in it, so going to have to remove it and put in the new six cubed one that i couldn't find anywhere to put. all of the tins and things are meant to be going into the bookcase, the knife and for drawer is going to become a jewellery organiser, the knife block back in the kitchen, tray in the bathroom, bowl in the laundry. and maybe a few of the tins in the dresser in the kitchen.


i love how the blackboard turned out. 

have had the blackoard since early 2010 and felt that it needed a revamp and was perfect for this project. as one of the bars had come off. 

i used scrapbooking letters that a friend sent me for my birthday. 

i need to ask the Real Estate if i can put a couple of hooks up as it would be perfect in this spot. 


The Cafe chairs that where original Black. i dont have a photo of the table yet. 


book case


one of the baskets

assorted tins

these flour ones i think i will add a little bit of fabric to both of them and an elastic band. 

IMG_3936that round tin missed out on getting painted so thats going to need to be done. 

in other HOB news. went into town twice, pretty boring.

MrB has an important assessment at work tomorrow so he is Mr StressHead at the moment.

i am blogging but should be making dinner.

WHATS ON THE TABLE: See recipie below. 

will take some more photos tommorow as i have a fair bit of sorting to do. 




  1. Wow what a painting time you had – energy must come from the paint fumes.
    It all looks lovely – I love the table and chairs – it will all look lovely when you have finished and have it set up.
    Your garden and flowers would make it a very pleasant place to be.


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