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It’s Sunday, Jul 10 – How did your day go?

1563_largefrom we heart it 

MrB went detecting today, LadyA and i stayed home.  Finally got a Google+ invite today off of a guy i subscribed to his blog. Not really much i can do on there but talk to myself since there really isn't anyone on it yet. bit like back in the day when i was on Facebook by myself.  i was looking forward to sitting down with a hot chocolate and watching the Finale of Dancing with the Stars only to find that our Free to Air Station that shows it isn't working at all tonight. So not impressed at all about that.  LadyA is folding my clothes for me.. what a Dear she is :). MrB is changing the bedroom around for me, i will go in in the morning / tomorrow and do the decorative part of it.. not sure its going to work anyways… as there is now a tad too much furniture in there. Continuing this coming week with a daily post, have done most of this weeks i think. 

  • Monday Memories
  • Tuesday – Tea Tuesday 
  • wednesday – good life wednesday and white wednesday 
  • thursday – thursday things
  • friday – friday with friends
  • saturday – steal it saturday 
  • sunday – sunday shares 

Again sending birthday wishes out to Melissa, Marni & Hayley.

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