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Dear Reader {June 28}

Dear people that read this little world of mine. I am feeling somewhat frustrated with my blogging at the moment. Strange how little comments can affect your mood and outlook. {i mentioned the same about Facebook comments last week} Don’t get me wrong i love the comments that i do get and i thank those that have 1. taken the time to visit. 2. read my day to day dreary life thoughts. 3. spend time commenting. Yesterday i received a comment that said that “should your hire someone improve your blog for post latest information” Now i don’t quite get what this is implying… what information? to me it sounds like they don’t think i should be blogging at all. Now i have written posts before about  “WHY” i blog and will list again here the reasons why… To keep a record of what we have done | to have an online diary / archive of my little families life | to share photos and memories with family | Mostly though i blog for me i blog the things i like. the things that i think those that i speak to online most days will like as we have similar tastes | songs that make you smile | poems that make you think | pretty things that make you think oh i would love that in my home. so that in a nutshell is why i blog.. yep its fun to get comments and criticism i guess i part of the package. I have over the past few months been working on improving the “LOOK” & “FEEL” of the blog with the new header and sidebar stuff that i purchased, The changes that i have made to make the blog feel more homely and organised i have cleaned it up quite a bit and i am liking it which is the main thing really that i like it.. as its my blog and my little world.  I am not out to be the best blogger in the universe Or advertise goods for people Or get 1 million comments a day Or get free stuff  {although a trip to paris, lots of new clothes and shoes would never go astray}. my aim is to just share about my “FAMILY” “FOOD” “PHOTOS” “CRAFTS” the things and people that inspire me, the ones that make me smile laugh and say hey that was such a fantastic idea. I am lucky that i get to share that with you. Dear Reader. so enough of me ranting 🙂 Time to do some updating …. 




  1. Go Nic, I love reading what you’ve been up to, what has tickled your fancy and what neat thing you’ve come across in your global web travels…oh I didn’t get the gist of that comment left either.


  2. Forget it Nic and just keep on keeping us amused and informed. You find the coolest stuff which, unfortunately gets me going all over the place.
    I don’t comment as often as I should here but you keep sending me out into Blog world!


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