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Back of the Bottom Drawer


In the back of the bottom drawer Of the dresser by our bed Is a box of odds and ends that I have always kept But the man who sleeps beside me Doesn't know it's even there Little pieces of my past That I shouldn't have to share A napkin that is stained with time Has a poem on it that didn't quite rhyme, but it made me cry In a 'Dear Jane' letter from a different guy He broke up with me and he told me I'm not always right And a stolen key from an old hotel room door In the back of the bottom drawer I don't keep these things 'cause I'm longing to go back I keep them because I want to stay right where I'm at I'm reminded of my rights and wrongs I don't want to mess this up But I wouldn't know where I belong Without this box of stuff A birthday card from my first boyfriend He signed it 'I love you' so I gave in  Yeah, we went too far in his daddy's car And those Mardi Gras beads from '98 We danced all night, stayed out so late We thought we were stars, closing down the bars That champagne was cheap but still I've got that cork In the back of the bottom drawer I'm not trying to hide these things from the man I love today But I'm a better woman for him, thanks to my yesterdays So now I try to give more than I take And I bite my tongue, fight the urge to say it's my way Or no way at all And now I cherish love a whole lot more 'Cause of what's In the back of the bottom drawer

Recently Updated23you maybe wondering why i have posted the lyrics above…. well at the bottom of the wardrobe is such a box ~ In the back of the bottom drawer Of the dresser by our bed Is a box of odds and ends that I have always kept the man who sleeps beside me know's it's there Little pieces of my past That I am going to share

Recently Updated22
First of all the BOXi brought it well over 20 years ago from Target i cant even recall how much it was now. But i have 


Recently Updated18
MrB knows all about it, and from time to time i look through it. it contains many memories of many people.

Letters from my sister, my girlfriends, my cousins. 


Recently Updated20
a bottle of now very dried roses that i brought back from my visit to my grandfathers grave. Photos, Memories. (the knife/atheme belongs to MrB)


Recently Updated21
videos of MrB when he was away when i was pregnant which wasn't long after we got married. LadyA's ultrasound video too. 


Recently Updated19i used to write a little newsletter for family and friends, and once upon a time wrote a novel. 

Just odds and ends that i have carried with me for well over 20 years now. adding to it every now and then with more memories. 

Recently Updated17my great uncles book that i found in a market. a little wrapped present with a poem from my sisters friend, a cross, an crystal from my alter, wedding favours and so much more.

i have often told MrB that i want to be cremated and put into my wooden box or that i want the box cremated with me. 

its part of my life, my history, my past, my future. 







  1. A lovely post Nicole – I too have such a box which is filled with memories both happy and sad.
    I have told my kids when I am gone they are go get together and go through the box and take home the things relevant to them.
    They are much less sentimental than I am so I am not sure this will happen, but it is mine, represents me and is a nice place to visit.
    Love and hugs,


  2. I have my memory box and it goes with me everywhere. It started when I was in High School and I add to it.
    Think it’s time to pull them out and reflect (although i usually get stuck with Concert tickets and go off and listen to music)
    Don’t think I have been all the way to the bottom for quite some time.
    Lovely post


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