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The House of Beltane House Tour.

This morning we had a Rental Inspection, not one of my favourite things to do, but in a way its a good thing because it gets the house sorted and organised. so here is a little house tour of the house of beltane. 

Lounge Room

Recently Updated5

This is such a small room, but also the hub of the House of Beltane, we watch TV, eat, and spend all our time online in here. 


Recently Updated5

we changed the kitchen around a few weeks ago now, and it looks so much bigger the way it is now. i brought a few of the pieces from our kitchen at the Barn when we moved here last year, as for me there isn't nearly enough bench space.  

The dresser and the Ladder Shelf i painted last year as well. i would love to paint that large hutch white one day. its on the list of to do's

Bathroom, Hall, Sewing room, LadyA's Bedroom
Recently Updated5

There is only one Bathroom in the home so most mornings its easier to wait until LadyA has left for school to use it. 

The hallway each room in the house has a door to this little space. 

The sewing room, which didn't even get a good clean, there is stuff all over the desks and all, looks terrible. 

LadyA's room isnt much better, its a lost cause this room

Master Bedroom
Recently Updated5this is a lovely large room, 

the covered box under the baskets is actually a cupboard tipped on its side, looks quite sweet. 
Recently Updated5Cushions: the Bain of MrB's existence 

before Shan from Fairy Floss Cake Creations started making real cakes she used to {and i think still does} make faux ones, she also painted the sweet birdie painting on the head of the bed. 
Recently Updated5MrB brought me the lovely tray a few weeks ago after dad passed to try and cheer me up. 

little jar is one that i picked up at the op shop the other day, as is the table cloth thats on the chair. 
Recently Updated5
Hope you have enjoyed the tour. Feel free to ask any questions. 






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