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Tell me why I hate Sunday’s


I never used to feel this way. have been pondering this thought on and off today.

The wanderer returned home last night a lot earlier than planned.

We went to the Nungarin Markets. It was a small market but I was surprised at how spread out it was. I was a good girl and resisted buying anything. Although I was almost tempted to buy a ring.

We then drove around a few spots on the way back so MrB could detect. At one spot he found a collection of old bottles all dated before 1965.

We came back to town had a coffee at the local coffee shop and then went to the bakery, chicken treat and the local iga to grab a couple of things.

MrB went out detecting again whilst I stayed home downloaded iPhoto11 for the Mac. Ekkkk it's found almost 400 thousand photos and images. I will be sorting for a long while.

Tomorrow Is a public holiday. Not sure what we will be doing as yet.



  1. Enjoy the holiday tomorrow Nicole and it sounds as though you had a nice time at the Markets and the Coffee Shop.
    Not sure why you don’t like Sundays – I like very day that ends in the letter “y” Could be your recent sad Sunday that has you thinking this way.
    Hope you soon feel a bit brighter.
    Love and hugs,


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