ohlife.com Thursday 17th Feb

17th Feb 


{taken from my Facebook status messages today}

so far behind with my project life, will have to over the next few days fix that, as i have so many weeks to catch up on.

Another rental inspection done and dusted, this morning they were here around 5mins.. compliments galore in that time.


i so love sending birthday messages to people that have deleted me, such a great feeling.. You may no longer be on my friends list but it doesn’t mean your not in my thoughts.

hmmm child was 15 minutes late home, claims she was helping to stack chairs in another class…

i’m liking the new FB photos, reminds me of the way that RE.com.au do theres.

jacks cooking a roast in the BBQ, i’m making Irish Apple Mash. {showed jack and angel the recipe from the martha stewart mag app on the ipad} they found it hilarious i was making apple mash using the ipad…. angels making port wine jelly.

having a‎~Blanchello~


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