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A very lazy day today indeed… One of those days when you have eaten so much that, you just do not want to do much at all. Jack watched some of the Boxing Day Test (The Cricket). Then put on my new Offspring Box Set, and that is where I sat for the day and well into the night. I watched the telemovie, the entire series and then the nurse’s webisodes, and finished the night off by watching the first two episodes of Brothers & Sisters. By that time Jack had gone off to work, he had a sleep earlier in the day but being so hot that is not the easiest thing to do. Angel played with her toys, named them, and introduced them to her older toys of the same brands. Baby born, fur real, and Lego were the popular brands of the year this year. She loves the baby born doll and pool for it & spent some time sitting on the back deck playing with it. While Jack slept getting ready for work the turkey breast cooked in the oven and then I prepared the veggies, it was ready just as he got up, so we had that and then a little while later had desert they had fruit mince pies and I had the two assorted fruitcakes (which where delicious). I must say though I was extremely full from what I had and it wasn’t a great deal. So as Christmas and another Boxing day come to a close I headed to bed for a good night’s rest well fed and very tired. 

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