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Woke up feeling as if I had been run over by a truck; sore throat, and still tired, {I am starting to wonder if I have chronic fatigue because I haven’t felt “right” for a couple of months} so have not done all that much today. Spent the morning trying to figure out what is wrong with the netbook, as I cannot get some websites to work on safari, I was having trouble with chrome as well, but that appears to be ok today. I am thinking that it has something to do with the recent Safari Update. Also started organising dates in my Diary for next year. Cannot believe that we are almost at the end of 2011. It was Rudolf Day today and I have not done a thing; I had planned too but just have not felt like it. I have not even taken my daily photo yet, had best get that and dinner organised before it gets too late. I need to get dinner out and it is just after 5pm, so no idea what we are going to have, something quick and simple, as I am not in the mood to cook. Dinner was a boring Toasted Cheese Sandwich, nothing fancy but quick. Well it’s already 6.30pm so I had better start thinking getting some things done. Just had a call from Angel’s teacher who has offered to take me to the school concert, which is great. Angel thankfully found the outfit that I want her to wear for the concert tomorrow. Angel has put her outfit in the wash, she needs to take it with her in the morning so that’s one thing organised. The whole house needs cleaning before Jack gets home on Thursday. I now need to find something to wear for tomorrow night. Charge my camera up. Organise my Christmas cooking that I plan on doing at some stage this weekend. Mini cupcakes for Angel for Thursday, a chocolate cake for Jack. Figure out what to have for dinner on Thursday Night.. It’s never ending…

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