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Ended up getting up not long after 5.30am, showered waited for Jack and Angel to get up which took ages, we took a drive down and looked at the beach, had a coffee at dome, then looked around the farmers markets – brought a raspberry tree, some dog treats and some jars of homemade jam.

Headed back to the park had a coffee with mum and Ian and she asked what our plans for the day where, I mentioned that Jack wanted to go to the Perth Zoo, and she said that she wanted to as well. So off we all went to the Zoo for the day. It was lovely to walk around it and we had lots of laughs, and got the most hilarious photo taken of us in a jeep with Angel driving getting bowled over by a rhino. Took heaps of photos of everyone.

Again headed back to the park, Jack Angel and I went down to the shops, Angel was given some money for her birthday and stationary from my sister so we decided to have a quick look in smiggle, almost 50.00 later we walked out with one very happy little girl who spent her birthday money on stationary. Which is quite funny because we brought her stationary for her birthday as well. We bumped into my stepmum dee at the shops she works at, said our goodbyes to her and then went and seen Santa, Angel got her photo taken with him, so we took that down to Dee.

Gave mum hers when we got back to the park, she loved it, mums neighbour dropped by, as did my dad so we chatted with them. After they left mum said did I want to have a look at the xmas decorations as she didn’t want them did I want to go through them and take some home, walked out of there with heaps of stuff. (it’s going to take ages to put them on the tree). (especially because we brought decorations in just about every other shop we went into)…. hmm im thinking I may need another tree LOL..

Said our goodbyes to mum and ian. And then headed off for the very long drive back home. Ended up getting home just after 8pm, and after a long soak in an Epsom salt bath I crashed into bed at around 10pm… with blisters on my toes and ankles from the new shoes I got the day before. Sore legs and back from all of the walking and long hours of sitting in the car.

But after all of that with was a fantastic weekend.

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