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Nicoles 12 gifts of rudolf day

On ACAC we have regular Rudolf Days where we get to plan things / make /create and organize for Christmas. I am Reindeer Adora-belle on ACAC and Ifind interesting and fun links for the ladies.

I decided this morning to find 12 of them to share, This is what I came up with.

1. Some RUM BALLS YUM…..

2. Lots of gift ideas for you from HOW DOES SHE

3. A stack of food ideas to share with your family. Welcome to ourmonthly mini-update from ALL RECIPES

4. Love & Homemade recipes galore 

5. And look its online so you don’t have to drive And look its online soyou don’t have to drive. All i want for christmas is you 

6. A cherrie on top Icing next Yummy cake at the bottom. But the bestbit is the spoon to lick 

7. Something a little different for your holiday fare. These look so good I wouldn’t want to share. Such a different way to serve them too Ok I better keep one for you

8. Have just come across this and thought it very appropriate 

I realise that this is only 8… I seem to have run out of links to send.. Ithought at least I could make it to ten. Off to look at my tweets from thepast few days.

9. I was starting to think that I had run out of time But thankfully I just found number 9. Nigella to the rescue

10. Getting weary, and losing hope of finding anything and then i remembered Becky Higgings 

11. A free pattern for number 11 a stocking to hang on your chiminy 

12. Well the time has come where we have come to the end of the day. So go forth and delve into the many links I have sent today, Tamar has another delicious recipe to share. 


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