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Day #12

KIDS…. I swear that the one I have is going to be the death of me.. bloody hell she would forget her head if it wasn’t attached to her body… Just had to meet her ½ way between home and school because she forgot her swimming gear. mind you it took over two minutes for the school to give permission for her to meet ½ way, even though school doesn’t start until 8.40 and they called at 8.30… fast forward to 11.30am back down to the school again this time all the way there and all the way back as she forgot something else.. had enough.. in so much pain now. somehow i don’t think nurophen + is going to be enough today.. Tried having asleep on the lounge slept for about ½ an hour. Then tried sleeping in bed, but ended up just laying there.

i made this wreath last year out of ribbons and bits and pieces that i got from jules when we did a swap. The purple and silver bauble decoration is another thing i made last year, i got the idea from the better homes and gardens magazine.

Jack phoned, he is back tomorrow night. The hire car has been organised for the trip to Perth in a few weeks time. Jacks car just won’t make it there, so we had to come up with another solution. Looks like we will have to look for a better car in the next few weeks.

this is angels christmas tree in her room. i need to take another photo with the lights on it. 

Angels doing her chores out the back. Checking the chooks & watering the vegies, feeding the dogs and the cats.

angel made this christmas tree at school, she actually made 4 of them but this was all that was left when she got home from school.

I am sitting watching Cake Boss. First episode was there 100th anniversary one, 2nd one is Italy. ROFL so funny Buddy got in trouble from his mum for ridding on a scooter.. Looking forward to watching Better Homes & Gardens tonight. It’s the Christmas episode, they are always worth watching.

Dinner is Hamburgers and salad. Just something simple as it’s just Angel and I.

Today is Rudolf Day Day#2. Still nothing done, well Angel’s started writing out her Christmas cards. But I haven’t done anything.

Photos: The first tomato from the vegie garden.

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