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Hmmm….. at a loss as to what to write today, I have written and rewritten this post several times, and keep deleting it.

always thinking ahead, i was looking at this outdoor lounge photo and thinking to my self you know that really needs to be white.. so a project for when i have done other projects.. 

Lots to do re A’s birthday tomorrow, going to get her to help me make some PomPoms shortly. Will make the food tomorrow.

 PomPoms made and OMG… why didn’t someone tell me how easy those PomPoms were to make. i made one large hanging one,

and put two smaller ones together to make a flower, i want more tissue paper now to make more.. maybe some really small pink or blue flowers would be nice next.. I can see it become and addiction..

Might also made some patty case flower things too just have to find the instructions.

i made some red roses from left over crochet circles that i had from a crocheted placemat. 

Started making Beths ACAC Christmas Bell,

Just chatting on twitter and had a thought re the muffins.. to make them more Christmassy add red and green glace cherries to the mixture when adding the berries.

Jacks not long gone to work, and angels getting her beauty sleep.

Think I will make these for her when she gets up in the morning im not busy enough LOL..

Because Jacks on nightshift he is going to want to sleep at some stage tomorrow. make bunting. make French toast for breakfast. jacks going to make A. a fairy cake. make a couple of batches or fruit muffins. make chocolate cake. make cupcakes. cook roast chicken and roasted vegetables. organize angels gifts

Going to watch last weeks Packed to the rafters episode.

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