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It’s Sunday, Oct 31 – How did your day go?

A Blessed Beltane to you. I have spent the day Making Making Making… 4 chair  Covers, a cushion with another cut out and ready to sew, The dresser has been
filled to the brim with books and things, Jack found the spray can and sprayed
the chair for me, and thats now in the kitchen. 2nd cushion sewn up and stuffed and put on chair. The X Factor is on tonight; we have an apple to give to the earth, more making to be done. Apple has been planted. Photos all ready to be blogged. Having a cup of tea. No goblins or gules have come to visit.. Time to go through my list: Make Make Xmas deco bells (Beth’s acac challenge), Make a mini owl – link a beautiful mess blog, Make lap-pad cover, small shelves – started, Do more of December daily pages, Put away whats not needed, Take a family photo, take a photo of just jack & i, 1 of Angel and I, 1 of Jack & Angel, Upload new blog header on 1st November, Watch home cooked. Completed – a cushion, chair covers, Purse organiser, Paint TV stand, hutch, chair, watch parenthood, neighbours offspring, brothers and sisters, i am pleased with how its looking. When the table is out these will go at either end. my hope is to ditch these chairs and use these covers as cushions for painted white ones. but until i gradually replace them, these are going to have to do.  angel feeding the unicorn in whats become a Beltane tradition. my new header that i am adding to my blog at some stage tonight. PS; Just uploaded my shuttercal photos for the months and i am up to day 365. i may have missed a few days here and there that are not uploaded but i pretty much took a photo each day of this year…………………. {yay me}

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