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To do list part two

List of things to do Part II


I must have lost my mojo somewhere along the lines, as i haven't done a thing of that mammoth to do list in days, i was all set do and then ZIP ————–(:) MOJO LOST…

So time to cross off a few more of those things on that list of mine; considering i only have today and tomorrow to do them.. Ok going to change up the list a bit and group them into the things i know are easy enough to achieve. 

Make a cushion, Purse organiser, Make xmas deco bells (beths acac challange), Make a mini owl – link a beautiful mess blog, Make lappad cover, 

Paint TV stand, small shelves – started, chair, 

Do more of December daily pages, 

Put away whats not needed, 

Take a family photo, take a photo of just jack & i, 1 of Angel and I, 1 of Jack & Angel, 

Upload new blog header on 1st November, 

Watch parenthood, neighbours offspring, brothers and sisters, home cooked.

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