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Sunday 10.10.10

Started the day off by making a Turkey Pide Bread Loaf. it turned out so nice.


Click on photo to enlarge to see the recipe.SAM_2043

Not a great photo, i had to get Jack to hold the tray while i took the pic. but it tasted fantastic. next time i would probably go closer to the edges as it makes quite a crispy outer layer. 

Watched Big Bussines which is what I was watching when it clicked over to 10:10am 10.10.10 wrote an email to Yahoo Groups at the same time. 

Started sewing after the movie finished.


Sewed a Dress for Angel and later on made a headband to match. Made a huge mistake while making it by sewing the arms together LOL. 

2010-10-10 003

Also sewed together the skirt that I pinned up days ago, and a headband and mini bag. The top she has had for a while and found it today in her cupboard, thank goodness, because it actually works quite well with the outfit. 

2010-10-10 0031

Made an iPod cover with some denim material that I have had for years {once an old pair of Angels Jeans}

2010-10-10 0032

Made a couple of pages for December Daily. {no pics yet}

Then made home made hamburgers for dinner on flat bread.


Made the mix in the bag that the mince was in. Just added some flour, spices, an egg and mixed them all together in the bag. rolled into small balls and cooked on the sandwich grill. Also put the bread on the grill and flattened it out. The salad was already made up in the fridge. Jack cooked up the chips and potato gems in the little deep fryer that we have. so it was a quick and easy meal.

So has been a very productive day really.

2010-09-27 (24)

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