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Saturday 9th October

A fairly quiet one compared to the drama of yesterday. Grabbed the latest Better Homes and Gardens in the hope that a pattern that I wanted was in there. It wasn’t; turns out I had the issue that the pattern is already at home. Made a spag bol for dinner but used large pasta sheets instead of spaghetti and piled it high with the mince mix and cheese, was lovely. J. is on nights again, he has worked every day this week.. Think while he is gone I might do some sewing. I made a start to the December Daily last night  cutting out the main sheets with my fiskars trimmer. had an afternoon nap then fell asleep on the lounge a little while ago so tired, must have been the Claratyne, 2 dispirin and nurophen plus i had this morning, that knocked me out. Watching SVU, its been ages since i watched it. Feel like making Chocolate Crackles but cant be bothered getting up. 



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