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10 Things | Nicole Beltane

10 Things | Ali Edwards

Inspired by Ali’s Ten Things, im thinking now is as good a time as any to start planning for the next few months.

The last three months are normally the busiest for us. What with all of the Birthdays, End of School stuff and such.


1. Sewing

{Angels skirt}

I have pinned it all together, just need the elastic. Also making a little bag & Headband to go with it, again all pinned.

{Journal Cover}

I have to measure & cut this, but its pretty much the right size.

2. Make a start on December Daily. (Get papers together)

I have some assorted christmas papers in the scrapping room, i want to sew around a few of them, need to do some cutting and constructing, and get some numbers and lettering. 

3. Get Coffee machine fixed

So my brain functions enough to be able to achieve the things that i want to achieve. But in order to do that we have to get it to perth… that is a feat in itself!!!!!


4. Angel’s Birthday (Not sure re a party for her)

Need to get her gifts, no idea what yet, she is hinting for a scooter, more dolls, prams etc.. 

5. Make a list of 25 christmas crafts & Cooking

Im always finding new and interesting things on blogs, i made a stack of wreaths last year so i will try not to make any this time. i made a bird decoration already. 

6. Photo Banner / Bus Scroll  

i has an idea, or three and just have to make it happen. 


7. Mums 60th, Dee’s Birthday, Grandma’s Birthday

we have to go down to perth for this. means that angel will have to have a day off school and hoping like heck that jack isn’t working. 

8. End of School Year 

this is the first year at this school so unsure as to what they do here, but it should be interesting. 

9. Start Christmas Crafts 

see 5… 



10. Do any last minute christmas shopping.. provided i have started in november that is….

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