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Friday October 1st 2010

Pinch Punch first day of the Month No Returns…..

I’m sitting here thinking how on earth did we get to October 2010 already. Just worked out that in 380 days we will be going on our second cruise. Feels like a lifetime away, but with the way this years gone we will be sailing the seas in no time, and this blog post will just be a distant memory. That also means that its almost Halloween, then its almost Angel’s 9th Birthday.

Talking of Angel she is currently arguing with me over who the dog belongs too, Jack brought her for my birthday in March 2007, but angel choose her out of all the dogs that were in the pet shop. So according to her she owns the dog, and she gets very frustrated when the dog wants to sit next to me.. *SIGH*.

Jack is at work, he had another 3am start, and considering i didn’t go to bed until 12.30am and then the alarm went off at 3am i am still very tired, this coffee is awful by the way…


Trying a new format for the blog, i have been using Windows Live Writer again, and quite happy with how that’s going, and thinking of doing this – NaBloPoMo (blogging each day for the whole month of October). no too hard since i have been using This months subject is PLAY.

Plans for the month of October….



October, November, December, January are always busy birthday months in our family. A couple of family birthdays coming up this month. Rachel, Jason, Pauline, Steven, Robyn,


Back to school for Angel for the last school term. I am sure that there will be lots of interesting things coming up at school in the near future. We should also get the school photos back soon. Lose 5kgs. (or more hopefully). As always take photos and journal each day. Write more recipes into new Journal. Get a start on making some Christmas decorations and do some more sewing. Re-organise blog. Work out how to get a new iPod Touch with camera. Sort out my Camera Bag. Go back to Facebook (Maybe). Transfer September photos to External Hard drive.

School Holidays

Working on a project with Angel. We have cut it all out just need to Sew it together now.

EDITED: Above is the finished project.. 

Took this of me this morning. i am thinking i need to put another colour in my hair.. 

Quote of the day from Twitter….

Henry: The only time a human should ever run is if they’re training for the Commonwealth Games or being chased by a lion #Spirited. [@wchanneltv]

The Universe

Nicole, you know the way, you’re strong enough, and you will prevail. Otherwise, what would be the whole point?  Actually, nicole, “prevail” is a gross understatement, but it sounded more couth than “rock the friggin’ world.” The Universe

Happy October.



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