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Tea For Two – Poem –

I really enjoyed our little tea party yesterday and have gone

looking for a poem that would suit the photos and can’t get over how

perfect this first line is.


Here is the poem in full.


Tea for Three

Come and

sit with me and we’ll have tea

And talk of things that were and things that are to be

Of places we will go and things that we will see

Just the two of us

My dear daughter and me

A little

wooden table

With chairs for two, not three

Yes, of course you may bring your bear

And place him on my knee.

No longer just the two of us

It’s tea for three, I see

My dear daughter, the bedraggled bear and me

The years

passed by and you grew up

Framed in memory, I still see

Cherub hands dimpled daintily, clutching ivory cup of tea

Twinkle laughter owns the moment

Baby faced & full of glee

Starshine dusted by the angels

Oh, God’s precious gift to me!

If I live

to be a hundred

I shall never richer be

Then when I shared your dazzling presence

And together we sipped tea.

My dear Daughter, the bedraggled bear, and Me!


Scott, c. 1998



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