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It’s Thursday, Sep 2 – How did your day go?

Got up this morning and started it off with a coffee before everyone got up, then started to organise drinks while Jack organised breakfast (Breakfast – sausages, pastizzies, mini pancakes, poached eggs, fried eggs, crumpets.) They left very well fed.. Angel left for school. We chatted over tea and coffee. Then they organised the vans. They took a shine to the "keep calm and carry on wall hanging" that I made the other day and have taken it on their trip with them. Mum also took the box of scrapping stuff that I have been trying to sell on eBay, and some paper as well to so some scrapping on the trip. Took a couple of photos and then they went on their way. Spent the rest of the morning trying to catch up on emails. Was a busy few days so much so I had a nap today. Mum rang this afternoon and thanked both of us for a lovely stay and for everything we did, and that she already misses all of the family already. Angels zonked out, Was up just after 6am yesterday, she didn’t go to bed until ten last night. Up at 7 this morning, school today and home around 5 as she had after school sport (yoga) went into her room about 5.30 and fell straight to sleep. Hasn’t even had dinner, tried to wake her up and she didn’t want to get up so she must be tired. That's it from me for the night Much Love Nicole.


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