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or 30 things about me LOL

Hi Im Nicole 😉

1.    I am married to Jack “The Train Driver”.

2.    We have been married for 7 years in January.

3.    Mother to Angel the almost 6 year old Chatterbox.

4.    She is at school now so im a Stay At Home Mum.

5.    We have 4 furbabies (dogs) Holly and Zoe, (cats) Scappy & Kiki.

6.    We live in a Barn in WA that we are owner building (one day it will be finished).

7.    I am loving decorating it and have found I have a real nack for finding quirky items to decorate it with.

8.    Im a collector of Teapots, Plates, and other old things (like Jack).

9.    I love “RE” decorating furniture in my favourite Coffee Cream paint.

10. Im really getting into collecting Linen at the moment and love the look of Old Lace and Pretty vintage fabrics.

11. A girl can never have enough ribbon and lace

12. I also love to collect vintage jewllery and turn it into other things.

13. I love my “PINK” KitchenAid (and no shan you can’t have it lol).

14. My fave foods to cook are cakes and scones.

15. I have a real sweet tooth LOL….

16. My Kitchen is decorated in mostly pink and I adore Robert Gordan and Royal Albert items.

17. I love cooking, and spend too much time watching cooking shows like Racheal Ray, Martha and Better Homes And Gardens.

18. I spend way too much time at the computer and I also have way tooooo many BLOGS.

19. I’m a scrapbooker and really love decorating Off The Page items.

20. I when I want to be can be very crafty and enjoy making things for others.

21. Im not a gardener (that’s jacks job) but I love roses, franjapanies and gerberas (all in pink of course lol)…

22. I love the city but strangely enough my favourite music is country love the australian stuff.

23. I have been in LOVE with Jimmy Barnes since I was 15 years old so you could say he is my longest lasting relationship apart from Jack.

24. I love old romantic movies and romantic comedies.

25. I count the girls at Pretty Chic as my bestest buddies as they are always only an email away.

26. I hate not living close to the shops and so wish that I could go op shopping / thrifting like the other girls do.

27. I hate cleaning so im a FLYlady member and make lots of lists of things I need to do.

28. My best friend (apart from jack and my PC) is my diary that sits next to my PC.

29. I have been collecting Handbags now for about 10 years and have a HUGE collection of them.

30. I wish my home could be decorated with fireplaces and chanderliers and pretty things (opps hang on it is) 🙂


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