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TIME: Well i have really noticed the difference since i started leaving Yahoo Groups and Unsubscribing from various Newsletters is the amount of time i now have to do other things. Don’t get me wrong i am still on some groups just not as many as i once was. There are probably some more on my group list that i could leave, because i dont participate or there is little or no mail from them, but for now i will leave things as they are. I have had time to: Start my own website , clean the house (well sort of), catch up with some of the many blogs on my bloglines list. off to pick Angel up.

Neighbours: This is the new neighbours ad

My Cleaning list for today (Done)*Get Up (Done)*Make Bed (Done)*Weigh In 70.2 (Done)*Check Calendar (Done)*Read Bloglines (Done)*Read Emails (Done)*Get Dressed To Shoes (Done)*Fix Hair (Done)*Moist Face (Done)*Swish And Swipe (Done)*Grab A Load Of Laundry And Start The Washer (Done)*Empty Dishwasher To Start Your Day (Done)*Refill Dishwasher (Done)*Breakfast (Done)*Angel Shower (Done)*Angel Breakfast (Done)*Angel Get Dressed To Shoes (Done)*Angel Fix Hair (Done)*Angel School Bag – Lunch, Journal, Library Book, Spare Clothes (Done)*Take To School (Done)*Rubbish Run In Kitchen (Done)*Take Rubbish Bin Out (Done)*Bathroom (Done)*Laundry (Done)*Toilet *Wash Slow Cooker small one (using big one) (Done)*Cup of Tea/Coffee (Done)*Vitamins (Done)*Prepare Dinner (Done)*chat with Jack on Email Started *Clean And Clear Kitchen Table *Bring Rubbish Bin Back In *Banking *Pay Bills *Pick Up Papers In Lounge Room *Put Angels Clothes Away *Pack Scrapping Stuff Up *Wash Dishes *Lunch *Check Dinner *Pick Angel Up From School *Give Angel A Snack *Meeting With Teachers If Jack Is Home In Time, If Not Meeting In Morning *Mop Kitchen Floor *Vacuum Lounge *Angel To Clean Her Room *Watch News *Set Table *Have Dinner *Clean Up Dinner Dishes *Feed Pets *Put Angel To Bed *TV Time *Catch Up On Emails / Bloglines *Shower *Bed

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