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Re: Shopping (UPDATE_ saturday)

well we finally got to go shopping and boy did i SHOP… we did end up going to Piawaning but could not find anything.
(P) = pink
(P) saucepan set – 3 saucepans, caserole, steamer, frypan (yes the one from the catalouge) he brought it straight out and i didnt have to layby it, 
(P) bowls set of 3
pastry brush,
2 spatchulars,
Bread Loaf tin
the egg chook x 2 (one for mum),
(P) a large plate,
(P) smaller plate,
(P) bowl,
(P) tea pot
Big W –
(P) vintage sister rolling pin,
vintage sister magnents (x2 one for gma),
(P) measuring cups
plant for gma
Spotlight –
(P) 2 cuppies (they where 5.00 each),
jewellery maniquin (for my stepmum)
Bookshop –
(P) How NOT to be a desp[erate housewife
add to this the mamoth chrisco order that i put in last night (this is what i ordered im so pi$$ed off it would not let me order the domestic goddess plate and cup..) 
Diva Quilt Cover Set – Queen Set
Sheet and Pillowcase Set Queen – Pink
Diva Filled Cushion Set of 4
Cup Cake Tree – Pink
Hot Pink Pizza Gift Set
Spiral Recipe Book Holder – Pink
Dora Wardrobe Organiser
Pink Power Lap Top
Butterfly Mosquito Net/Tube Toy Storer
Code : 25009   Flip Flop Plates Set
i went to things but could not find what i wanted.
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Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2007 7:08 AM
Subject: Shopping

its very quiet all round isnt it. i went to Northam on Monday. (clothes Shopping). Saturday is Piawanning (for Market Day) (hope to get some pretty pink items) – and mothers days pressies for my 2 mums and gma. Sunday is the loooong drive to perth for Mothers Day, and jack has said that he will spend it with me instead of going to the dockers game. today will be much the same as yesterday but with out going to a kids party. You will be pleased to know that i did go and yes i even socialised a little.. Jack was happy that i went. Asked Angel in the morning if she wanted me to go and she said yes so i went. Hey i even did a 5 minute dumbbell work out (im working my self up to doing more each day).. I still havent scrapped but have got myself back into my first love Cooking, which i have missed doing. Thanks to all of the girls that have emailed me in regards to the KMART  cataloge. 
KMART – S#!T, and Jack just brought saucepans, but they are not pink, these are devine. i want most of whats on that page. love the kettle, the chopping boards,  and i really need mixing bowls, and i hate the frypans that we have. But that’s not bloody likely since he brought me the kitchen aid is it. hey wonder if he would let me lay by it all. (jack if you are reading this a very big PRETTY CHIC please) :0) just added it up, and if i got the saucepans, chopping boards, bowls, fry pans, kettle and thermos i would still have 40.00 left over. as the saucepans alone next week will be 300.00
love the egg chook and the fruit basket
how long have we got…. the chandys, chaise jewwlery boxes, maniquins,
i gotta get me some money so i can go shopping LOL
;( THE KITCHEN AID – well it was here’ now its gone 😦 i saw it, i touched it, it was so pretty now its gone 😦 the stupid woman in the shop gave Jack the display stock one which was a 90 (which has been superseded by the 150) not a 150…. the 150 cost $50.00 more which is what Jack paid for and it has a bigger bowl and a splash lid. and because he has brought it before 13th may i also get a free $169.00 pasta maker which i was going to buy anyway. i think he finally after me telling him the amount of people that have had there’s for 20 – 30+ years that they do last. Is why he decided to cave in and get one. We have spent so much money on the plastic food processors and they never did what i wanted. next on my list would be the blender.. he spoils me…

have also hinted that i like the white egg chook in the target catalogue LOL…

Off to make lunch for Angel. 

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