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Happy Easter

***Photos to be added***


Can you believe that it’s the 9th of April already. Easter is over for another year.


·        Good Friday: Jack started the pantry, bathroom, and laundry and linen cupboard area in the barn. It’s looking great, and it’s good to see the smaller rooms coming together. Angel went to the barn and played with the girls next door for a little while.

·        Easter Saturday: Jack Continued with the pantry, bathroom, laundry and linen cupboard areas. Angel played and studied her letters.

·        Easter Sunday: We got Angel up, and took her to the barn, and she had an Easter egg hunt. I took lots of photos. Jack hid some of them quite well. We then came back to the rental, and angel sorted out her stash of Easter hunt eggs, and the small ones that the Easter Bunny had left her, she didn’t notice all of the eggs that where sitting in the chair on in the lounge room. We got her to turn the TV over, move things, take off her shoes, and she still didn’t notice them, eventually (about 10 minutes later, she saw them). So she gave them out to Jack and I as we told her whose egg belonged to whom. We had breakfast (boiled eggs, bacon & toast), my eggs didn’t work and after two attempts I gave up and had Wheat Bix.  Then Jack & Angel went to the barn again for a little while, they came home, jack was watching the football and angel playing with her cards. Mum and Ian Arrived, we went to the barn to show them the latest things that jack had been doing. Checked out all of there photos from the Moora Country Campout that they went too. (Mum went to see Shannon Noll). Organized some clothes for Angel so she could go and stay at there place for the week. (Jacks next day off isn’t until Saturday), Angel left with Mum & Ian. About an hour latter the old man from a few doors away knocked on the door and gave jack an Easter egg and Kit Kat bar for her. Jack went to work. I sat and watched Charmed. I have now finished watching all 8 seasons; I cried and cried when the last episode was on. I have been watching this show since July 13th 1999 (how can I remember the date you ask, well the next day is when we lost Kyle). I was hoping to get some scrapping done, but so far haven’t done any yet. Because I was watching the Charmed Bonus Features I missed The Biggest Loser, so will have to catch up on all of that when I watch it tonight.

·        Easter Monday: Jacks asleep. Dishes are done. Coffee is made, and I’m sitting down ready to watch 9am. (Today would have been Jack’s Dad’s birthday so I think apart from being tired he is a bit down about that, so will let him sleep. Will call Angel later to see how she is. The house is so quiet with out her here. The pup is in the Kitchen, she is I trouble for making a mess on the lounge room floor… 


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