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My week so far.

Jack & i took this photo on the weekend of Nan’s Cactus, this is the first time that we have seen it flower. we dont know if it ever flowered before.
Saturday april 8th – We have been cleaning the house to get ready to sell it. cleaning, washing, more cleaning, more washing…

Sunday april 9th – Still cleaning, Still washing… LOL will this ever end…

Monday april 10th – Went to bindoon to look at a couple of rentals. the first one was lovely, a 4×2 Queenslander home high on top of a hill on 3o acres of land, french doors in every room, lovely veranda most of the way around. Angel loved the sheep. only problem with this one is (NO PHONE LINE) ahhhh… i couldnt cope without chatting to my Friends & Family online. added to this i wouldnt have foxtel either. 4 1/2 months on leave in the bush in the middle of nowhere with angel at home with me everyday and with no internet or foxtel… I DONT THINK SO… i would go crazy.. The second one we looked at, also in bindoon, was a huge 4×2 (including cool room, huge walk in pantry area, so many kitchen cupboards (that even i wouldnt be able to fill).. LOL.. the owners want someone to move in wuite quickly so we are not sure if we will be able to get that one.

Tuesday april 11th – We put the house on the market today. $265-$295, it will be advertised this weekend. we are using the same rep that we used to sell beechborro. Tonight i am having an UnderCoverWear Party, have as far as i know about ten people coming, so will start cooking at about 6.00pm. Angel is asleep on the chair behind me. i am hoping to get my new desk tommorow, not that i think i will get much time to play with it, now that we will be packing everything up..

to see what my scrapping space looks like go to –

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  1. We have a cactus like that growing in our next door neighbors. have you smelt it??? they smelllike rottem meat and attract the flies. weird flower though isnt it? great to read your blog as well!!!


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