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Halloween Witch

Jack went into the local Woolworths to get me some headache tablets and walks out with this witch.

Set me up Sunday

MEAL Monday Pork Curry Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Pot Roast Friday Saturday BBQ Ribs Sunday Indian Beef Zones & Decluttering Day Zone 1 Zone 2 Declutter / Sort Monday Entry Study – Clean bookcases Tuesday Lounge Dining Family Games Wednesday Kitchen … Continue Reading Set me up Sunday

Storyline Saturday

document   Supplies: Heidi Swapp stickers / deck of days Old diecut Old Ali Edwards kit sticker.

Set me up Sunday

Have fallen behind in Smus. I need to sit down tomorrow and get myself organised. Menu plan: Jack’s on leave for the next two weeks. Zones: None but whole house needs to be cleaned up and sorted out. Blog: another … Continue Reading Set me up Sunday

Set me up sunday

MEAL Monday Lamb and Pumpkin Salad. (MB12WBT) This is my all time favourite meal, we had a lamb roast on sunday so this was the left over meat. Tuesday Take Away – Indian Wednesday Steak and Chips Thursday Pumpkin Soup … Continue Reading Set me up sunday